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By Jennifer Roylor

Even people that dislike the artist Gucci Mane have had to admit that he is one of the best artists from the south. Gucci has dropped several solid CD's up until 2010 and his busy crafting more albums. Most people feel a little bit sorry for him because he has been in prison for two years and counting. He was not able to serve his city after saying that he would help out and this created even more drama for him.

Radric Davis (his real name), went against his agreement with the judge and this did not even up serving him well. Even though he is not able to do musical performances in prison, he has been able to think of creative concepts and see what his cell mates think. A lot of people have said that his fans are able to contact him and talk about new music with him from the cell. His agents say that this is not true, but they are permitted to send him fan mail.

As the years have passed since he first began recording music, he really stepped his lyrical game up. Most people thought that he was one of the worst artists to hear lyrically after the song "Icy" was released in the early years of his career. Now, most people are able to recognize the fact that he is great with rhymes.

Some would argue that his rhyme skills are even better than Jay-Z. The newest project that he came out with titled "Radric vs. His State" was a success because it went gold. A lot of other individuals think that he would have sold a record amount if he was not in prison. It probably would have had a lot more sales if he would have been able to shoot more promotional music videos for some of his best songs.

As you may know, he tries to deliver mean street content for his supporters and the people that like to party. The number one goal he has is to make good music that encompasses all genres. Gucci has been able to put out awesome mixtapes and digital releases on iTunes. A fan favorite mixed tape "Bird Money" got hundreds of listens within its first hour of being released.

One great trait that his street tapes carry is that they are able to generate heavy buzz. Are you a Gucci Mane fan? If you are, then you will want to follow the rumors about him getting an early release date from prison. He is set to come out with a brand new CD that will be put out sometime in late 2010. Take the time to get his new album, download the street tapes, and watch him keep improving his skills as a musician. - 30539

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Music Production Software - Create the Best Music with No Equipments

By Joahn Meatheaws

Making the best music could be a night mare to several producers. The different inward-bound audio channels turn out to be a huge headache for those who do not know how to manage it. Most music producers encounter challenges in music production early on when the audio signals are first recorded ; subsequently the revising stage is also a very critical part. This is an especially critical stage in manufacturing audio music and at this point the good audio production software distinguish themselves from the inferior ones.

correct choice of the most recent software is needed and highly recommended. Having the best audio production software can make music production troubles become minor inconveniences. The modifying software enables one to edit the music, voice and other audio recordings from the different instruments. Modifying the music can be done as simple as duplicating and pasting the recordings then the facility to add effects like amplification, echo and / or noise control to name a few.

As with any sort of software, the top end audio production software offer a variety of effects and functions. The effects in the software that when added to the music can drastic alter quality of the music. Modifying the music properly makes sure that it gives the mood of the song without contrasting the theme. If the audio music effects added don't compliment the overall music "feel" it can alter the quality of the music in a negative light.

Audio production software also gives the pliability of producing music in different files and considerably enables the producer to have the chance of partnership or increase the portability of the music to be edited at another studio and / or workstation

Some of the features that one should think about before buying the audio production software is how complicated is it to operate or one which doesn't require a professional mixer to perform the basic audio revising jobs. - 30539

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The Styles Of Hip Hop Jewelry Silver And Shiny

By Sandy Walters

There are so many hip hop jewelry silver plated and sterling silver pieces on todays market that there is something for everyone. A list below details popular pieces commonly worn by people today, whether they are famous or not.

Rings- This form of hip hop jewellery seems to be most adored when it is massive in size and loaded with shiny crystals or diamonds. The common shape for most of these rings is square, but these aren't plain squares; these are generally loaded with sparkles. This is known as being 'iced out'. Many famous people have rings with diamond encrusted dollar signs or their initials.

Bracelets- This form of hip hop jewellery is a great combination of being very basic, yet stylish. The basis for these silver plated or sterling silver bracelets is generally varying width of small rectangular pieces, each one with crystals or diamonds on them. Some have solid links connected together, while others have more spacious links.

Pendants- Available in an assortment of styles, pendants are worn one at a time or many piled on top of each other. Some popular designs are skulls, tigers, boxing gloves, dragons, snakes, spiders, bats, and even leopards. There's no limit as to what can be found on these pendants. Dog tags that have a hip hop feel to them are also popular. Instead of coming in pairs like true dog tags, they are usually a single dog tag with some sort of embellishment.

Chains- These vary from the pendants in the way they don't have anything hanging off of them. They are simply a chain, but they still come with jewels lining each individual link, if so desired.

Sometimes two colors of crystals are used to create a patterned effect. Women's earrings are often a simple partial hoop that is encrusted with diamonds or cubic zirconia crystals.

Watches- To qualify as hip hop jewellery, watches must have either the face of the watched filled with sparkling gems or both the face and band. Sometimes people will opt for a simple leather band, but they still go all out on the face. The bezel might be framed in diamonds or crystals, if the entire face isn't.

Designer Jewellery- Even many of the top designers have started creating hip hop jewellery. Each one seems to specialize in a specific type of jewellery, such as; one may design special dog tags with silver roses or dragons on them, while another designer may decide to create intricate silver rings. There are some people that will only wear clothing created by certain designers. With hip hop jewelry silver plated and sterling silver pieces available by popular designers, these devout fans can let their loyalty continue on through these works of art. - 30539

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Gangsta Beats Downloads

By Dana Goldberg

If you have a talent for rap, you are probably desperate to start laying down your own gangsta beats. A simple look online will bring you in touch with many libraries of royalty free material; but they are usually expensive and do not allow for a great deal of flexibility in what you can and can't do, and what rights you actually have.

The whole package gets even more complex and expensive when you look into buying your own equipment. However, though having your own kit is the best policy of course; when starting out it is well worth using the internet a little more cleverly to get what you want. At least until the bank roll starts spinning of course.

Increasingly, there are a high number of sites offering affordable beats to download. Better than this though; they also allow you not only use their tools to create just the right gangsta beats, but also have forums and contact details so you can check your work and get help if needed.

Whilst some of these sites are 100 percent free, they are not always the best way to go. Some good materials may be found; but it will not be updated too regularly. Better to join are the paid for membership sites, which are affordable, updated daily, and have a huge library. There are different levels; but this can be worked up through as you wish.

Many of the tracks will also allow you complete freedom to make your own spin on them; whilst they also offer extensive support and guidance at certain levels. This is a real bonus when first starting out of course; we can't all have our own personal gurus after all.

Though there is no guarantee that your gangsta beats will make it huge; the more you work at it the better the chance. These sites offer that opportunity, and once you get confident and cashed up, there really could be no stopping. - 30539

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Why Fans Love Gucci Mane Music

By Sasha Harton

A particular singer that has put out great albums because of his loyal fans is Radric Davis. Radric (Gucci Mane) Davis has been crowned king of the southern rappers. Gucci Mane knows better than anyone that people start to hate when you are successful. Since there are still haters of his music, he simply shrugs them off and keeps doing his thing. Radric uses the accumulation of hate as motivation and soulful style in his songs.

While many individuals may get stressed out when someone talks bad about them, Gucci Mane does not. Gucci has been the type of artist to hold down the throne of rap music in Georgia. Although he has a lot of people that do not listen to his music, he does have tons of supporters. Many artists know that the amount of support he gets outweighs all of his hate mail. Despite the fact that he isn't as popular as 50 Cent, he still gives a good effort.

Some would argue that he hasn't set a good example for others on his journey through life. Others would say that he is a great influence for kids because he preaches hard work. The debate as to whether his lyrics are influential in a positive manner could go on for decades. It doesn't matter if you like him for his lyrical content or not. The fact is that he is a phenomenal entertainer that is able to sell out shows.

Transitioning from a dangerous neighborhood to super stardom has been a significant experience for him. Gucci Mane has earned a lot of cash while performing, branding his new artists, and creating discographies. Even though he has not sold the most music compared to other artists, he has impressed many. Gucci even reached out to new artists like Frenchie and Zaytoven to help them develop their careers last year.

The year 2009 proved to be one of his best years yet. He opened his mind up to working with new artists and it really paid off for him. Even though he collects a little bit of money for appearing on tracks with others, that's not his focus. His focus is to make good music and get his name out there so that people understand him.

Most fans understand that he is one of the most eclectic musicians of the present era. His swagger and style was hard for most to comprehend when he first began making music. He continues to talk about things like "cooking chickens" in his raps. Fans didn't know what he meant at first. Now, as more individuals are beginning to comprehend his style, he is becoming a mega star. He made it through a lot of tribulations to become one of the top artists, but when you work hard, you can accomplish anything. - 30539

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Beatbox is a indie music

By Matt Bee

Beatbox is an art of voiced section, that involves making specific sounds of cylinder beatniks, periodicity, and alter play instruments vindicatory from one's spokesperson,lips, organ and sound. In the firstborn geezerhood of the 21th century, beatbox came o.k. to the overt knowingness and prefab its comeback - especially exchequer TV shows & commercials - for ideal talent TV Shows equal Denizen Ideal.

Today, there are uprising beatbox stars all around the orb, like Eklips - from Author, Razhel - from USA, Isato from Zion and umteen author. The opening target that you can do for the end of acquisition beatbox is to happen a beatific beatbox tutorials that faculty support you amend, be originative and incomparable with you own style.

It's Weighty to teach your own sounds and anticipate some contrastive way to cartel sounds unitedly - that's one of the ways for proper the unexcelled beatboxer. it's distinguished to record yourself beatboxing or action to others and ask for business view.

Another way is to instruct beatbox techniques is from separate beatboxers, scrapper them and then unify them to your own call or make a redeeming beatbox tutorial that leave ameliorate fill out both nonexistent symptom.

Beatbox Tutorial - The 1st step for doing the person beatbox - practicing

You poorness to advantage practicing - I recommend practicing as more as you can, get a metronome to be on the outwear, drill diametric kinds of rhythms. if you appease identical and concordant, you gift see results in your beatboxing in a few weeks.

Beatbox Tutorial - The 2nd interval - Networking

Aggroup up with performer - for monition guitarists, pianists or any otherwise help, signal by beatboxing what you have learned before, and union music and stroke unitedly. slow you testament actually be making sound of your own.

Beatbox Tutorial - The 3rd manoeuvre - Revealing

attain a instrumentalist or a rapper that you can recitation beatboxing and singing at the identical experience, that will fund a window of chance for performances. - 30539

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You Can Be a Master Hip Hop Beat Maker

By Rico Ray

These days, everyone wants to make fat hip hop or rap beats. I say, lets do it, let's make lots of great hip hop beats and take the music to a whole new level! That's what I'm into, anyway. I want to make beats that people freak out when they hear em' their so good.

In this day and age, I think anyone can make beats. Its become so easy to make great beats because the software today is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. If you can tap on a mouse, and can get to a computer, you're totally on your way to making great beats.

Yea, you can make beats, but can you make em' really good? What I'd like to find out in this article is a bit deeper than just making beats. I'm talking about motivation. Hey you may not like that word, but it has a lot to do with your ability to keep making beats and that will directly effect the quality of your beats. So, with that told, how do you make quality beats?

First off, what music really has you moving? I'm not talking about beats that you kinda like or anything like that. I mean what music blows you away? If it moves you this much, it has to do the same for thousands of others. That's the music you want to really think about.

Now for the fun part. You have to know good music inside and out in order to actually make good beats right? Yep, you need to dissect it. You need to listen to every tick and every effect to really understand what that producer is doing to make seriously good beats. Then comes the really fun stuff.

Making beats! You have to get yourself together and actually start making beats. You can take the songs you really love and try to duplicate them, this helps because you're just practicing and getting the technique down. But it's also extremely important to do this one thing also...

Experiment! That's it, you have got to do this or you will not make great hip hop beats. Just like everything else in life, practice, repetition, and experimentation. Those are key elements to success. You have to have hundreds of beats produced before you can make that super sweet, intricate hard hitting beat that your dying to make.

There ya go. If you listen to my advice and just get a beat making software, then start making beats, you're on your way to that really dope beat. The key is to just start doing it. You can get some good hip hop beat maker software and just start hitting it. So, just get going. Make a beat, then make ten beats, then you're on your way to becoming a true hip hop beat maker. - 30539

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